Hobo 2.1.0 released!

Posted by Ignacio Huerta on 2014-01-26

We’re proud to announce the release of Hobo 2.1.0 with Rails 4 support!

Take a look at the Download and Installation Instructions.

Many of the changes required in upgrading a Hobo 2.0 application are necessitated by the switch from Rails 3.2 to 4.0. Railscasts has a good guide to upgrading to Rails 4.0.

From Hobo’s point of view, you shouldn’t need to change almost anything :).


Now Hobo uses “will_paginate_hobo” gem, instead of the git repository “git://github.com/Hobo/will_paginate.git”. This should make it easier to install in systems without Git installed (users have reported problems with Windows and Git).

You also need to add the protected_attributes gem to your Gemfile.

Internal changes

In order to make Hobo compatible with Rails 4, these are the main changes that have been done:


  • url_for does not accept parameters any more
  • Remove deprecated routes system
  • match is no longer accepted in routes.rb, it has been replaced by “get” and “post”


  • Model.find(:all) is deprecated
  • finder.scoped :conditions => conditions has been replaced with finder.where(conditions)
  • raise_on_type_mismatch has been renamed to raise_on_type_mismatch!


  • protected_attributes gem has been added to support the “old” way of protecting attributes
  • Domizio has made Hobo thread safe :)
  • Hobo’s custom will_paginate has been packaged into the hobo_will_paginate gem. This should make possible to install Hobo without Git (it seems to be a bit hard under Windows).## Installation