The Hobo community hangs out in several places:

Google Groups

We have two mailing lists:

  • Hobo Users is a moderately active group where lots of friendly people hang out. It is the best place to ask questions.

  • Hobo Dev is an infrequently active group. The Hobo developers are subscribed to this list, but are just as likely to post in Hobo Users when discussing the development of Hobo.


In late 2012 we switched to Disqus for comments on this site. So down at the bottom of this or any other page here you can click on the “Community” tab to see what everybody is commenting on.


The Github Hobo organization is very central to Hobo. It contains Hobo itself, sample applications and plugins. If you have any sample applications or plugins to contribute, we’d love to host them here. If you want to join the group, just ask.

Github Issues is used for bug tracking for Hobo 2.0. Lighthouse was used for earlier versions of Hobo.

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