Hobo in Two Minutes


Before installing Hobo, you must have Ruby and RubyGems. You will also need the “git” command.

Installing Hobo 2.1 will cause Rails 4 to be installed when the Hobo application generator first runs ‘bundle install’.

For example, these are the steps you would need in Ubuntu 12.04:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install -y ruby1.9.3 rubygems nodejs libsqlite3-dev git
    export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem
    echo "export GEM_HOME=$HOME/.gem" >> .bashrc
    echo 'PATH="$HOME/.gem/bin:$PATH"' >> .bashrc

Note: Hobo 2.1 is currently tested against Rails 4.0.6 and Ruby 2.0. Ruby 2.1 should work with the master branch too, but it has not been so thoroughly tested (read conversation).

Install Hobo

gem install hobo

Create a new Hobo application

NOTE: Before creating a new Hobo application, check if you have the HOBODEV environment variable defined:

$ echo $HOBODEV

If it is defined and points to a local copy of Hobo source, you should temporarily undefine it, otherwise the generated Gemfile in your new Hobo application will reference the HOBODEV source code instead of the Hobo gem. This will likley cause unresolved dependencies when the Hobo application generator runs ‘bundle install’. You can unset the HOBODEV variable by typing

$ unset HOBODEV

Now, create your new Hobo application:

hobo new thingybob --setup

(The --setup option tells hobo to use the defaults rather than asking questions about your application. After you play with Hobo a bit so that you understand the questions, you will probably want to omit the --setup)

Add a resource and start the app

There will be lots of output produced as Hobo runs the rails command and runs the setup generator. This process may take a while, depending on your internet connection and computer speed.

cd thingybob
hobo g resource thing name:string body:text
hobo g migration

...Respond to the prompt with 'm'
...then press enter to chose the default filename

rails s

And browse to


And there is your app! You should be able to

  • Sign up
  • Create and edit Things
  • Search for things

That’s it. Why not try another of the tutorials on your left?

Note: If you wish to download the gems directly, you can get them from RubyGems.org.

The source code for Hobo is available at github:Hobo/hobo and additional sources are available in the github Hobo organization

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